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From Air to Electromechanical

It’s not a big news story that the world’s population is getting exponentially bigger.  With this growth there is a greater demand for modern packaged foods.  A great example is India. It is projected that sales of package foods will almost double from $24.6B last year to $43.7B in 2016.  Many of the world’s largest … Continue reading From Air to Electromechanical

Lintech Shaft and Carriage Assemblies

Shaft & Carriage Assemblies were one of the first custom products which Lintech made many years ago.  These consist of pre-assembling shafts onto a support and mounting pillow blocks on a plate to create a carriage.  These assemblies soon became a standard Lintech product line and they are still widely utilized in linear motion applications. … Continue reading Lintech Shaft and Carriage Assemblies