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How To Splice a Shielded Cable – A Short Video

In this brief video, we run through some tips on splicing a shielded cable to help reduce the introduction of noise into your servo system. Click on the link below to view this 4.5 minute video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOEk69n6FIg&feature=youtu.be   Tags:  Shielded Cable, Product Video, Kollmorgen, Electromate, Splicing Shielded Cable    

ESCON Servo Drive Video Tutorials

ESCON servo controllers from Maxon Motor AG are small-sized, powerful 4-quadrant PWM servo controller for the highly efficient control of permanent magnet activated DC motors.  The featured operating modes – speed control (closed loop), speed control (open loop), and current control – meet the highest requirements for the Industrial Automation market.  The ESCON servo controllers are … Continue reading ESCON Servo Drive Video Tutorials

Extra Long Macron 14 Actuator

Just to illustrate how Macron "goes the distance" for our customers...   This video shows a Mac Built, Macron 14 actuator, 150 feet long, but still not the longest one we've ever built.  For the record, that one was a whopping 225 feet long! Macron actuators are furnished to your specifications, and are custom built to any … Continue reading Extra Long Macron 14 Actuator