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Ball Screw Assembly Choices

The main function of Ball and Acme (Lead) Screw Assemblies is to provide a drive mechanism, usually within a positioning table, to move a load.  The drive mechanism is an element that contributes to position accuracy, repeatability, speed, and mechanical system resolution. Ball Screws are the screw of choice for high duty cycle, high speed, … Continue reading Ball Screw Assembly Choices

Precision Ground Ball Screws from Lintech

The GS series of ball screw assemblies are designed to maximize performance, while providing design flexibility. These assemblies utilize a precision ground ball screw with precision ground preloaded nuts. These steel ball screws are provided with precision-machined steel supports for end bearing housings.  Features include: 4 Different Diameters  0.625 & 0.750 inch diameters  16 & … Continue reading Precision Ground Ball Screws from Lintech