Creating On-Demand Book Covers with Galil Controllers

The Autocase CS2 machine from GP2 Technologies was created to register the front and back panels of the case to the covering material, folding the cover to make a finished case, which then goes into binding operations. Through their partnership with Galil, the automated GP2 system can now yield hard book covers or cases “on demand” due to the high precision Galil controller.

This machine is suited for a variety of industries and applications, however it is particularly suited for:

  • Digital printers of hard-cover books “on demand”
  • Any operation that produces small runs of books
  • Libraries
  • Corporations
  • Regional Binderies

The process for printing on-demand cases involves the automated registration device registering and measuring the case or cover boards with sizing arms. Galil’s dual encoder function then reads the rotation of the sizing arms, establishing the XY measurements of the cover. After that, the material is pressed, smoothed, and folded over the edges of the panel, creating the book cover.

Previously, publishers would need to print thousands of copies to keep total costs down. With the new technology of the Autocase CS2 combined with the Galil controller, publishers can print the exact number of books they need, while still having an economically feasible production.

The alternative is a machine that includes expensive, high-volume production machines. Manual operation leaves room for human error and can lead to sloppy construction of the book cases and covers. High-volume production machines can also cost up to $600,000 and take up to an hour to set up. The Autocase CS2 allows for smaller runs of production, with “on demand” printing, at a cost-effective price.

The heart of the Autocase CS2 is the Galil DMC-2183 Ethernet Controller that provides the machine Galil’s state-of-the-art features. It simplifies interconnects, eliminates extra cabling, and has allowed GP2 to add additional features without increasing prices.

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