Creating a Series of Animatronic Flower Petals for a Stage Show Using the Tolomatic RSA40 Electric Actuator

A premier manufacturer of moving stage displays for A-list entertainers was tasked with designing an overhead lighting device that transforms from a globe, into individual petals forming a flower. Each “petal” needed to be actuated independently. The entire structure needed to be as lightweight as possible to attach above the stage in diverse locations, and to minimize shipping costs. High ticket prices and large concert revenues at each event required a highly reliable actuator solution with 100% safety and no risk of failure.

Although pneumatic actuators would provide a lighter weight solution, safety and repeatability concerns determined that an electric actuator solution was required. A series of eight RSA50-HT rod-style actuators were selected to actuate each petal of the flower globe because of their high force capabilities, superior repeatability and proven dependable performance. The actuators were also equipped with gearboxes in order to stop movement of the actuators in case of complete power loss for added safety. The actuators compact retracted size allowed for easy transportation of the globe in the closed state.

In the end, the customer benefited from:

  • Maximum safety for entertainers and stage crew
  • Minimized space for transport
  • Reliable performance for a consistent entertainment experience

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