Robotics & Mechatronics in the Entertainment Industry

The term Entertainment includes all things music, film, sports, events, and more. Anything we as a collective community enjoy together can be considered entertainment. There are endless and exciting possibilities for the use of robotics and automation within the entertainment industry. In this very high-level overview, we’ll outline some amazing things that are being done with robotics and mechatronics in entertainment.

When it comes to robotic arms, they are capable of much more than simple manufacturing tasks. On film and television sets, many of the robots originally designed to complete painting, welding and assembly tasks have been repurposed to manage the cameras, lights and props on set. Robotic arms and other mechatronic solutions are also seeing a lot of use at music venues and festivals. Large automated set pieces, with coordinated lighting and effects are now utilizing these solutions to create fully immersive experiences. Speaking of large set pieces, many amusement park attractions also take advantage of robotic arms to move the rides around.

Drones and automated/smart camera systems are another robotic solution that is seeing wide use across the music, sports and movie sectors of the entertainment industry. Directors are able to achieve once unobtainable angles and shots thanks to robotic systems, such as programable wire-suspended cameras and drones. They also have much tighter control over the movement of the camera in space and time. Large numbers of drones are also being used to create amazing spectacles in the sky at various entertainment events. Even the sports venues are taking advantage of the new dynamic angles available to get us closer to the action than ever before.

Recent inventive uses of robotics in entertainment have also helped us to connect with our past. Families can now enjoy a weekend walking around with giant animatronic dinosaurs. It won’t be long before we are visiting theme parks with historical figures walking around and interacting with the guests. In fact, it is already happening with a couple characters at Disney.

Robotics and mechatronics are allowing us to experience and engage in various forms of entertainment in ways we never thought possible. We are able to see things from angles previously incapable. We can achieve levels of movement on amusement rides that push us to the edge while still remaining safe. We’re even getting to the point where the ride will adjust to how it’s riders react. It’s going to be very interesting and amazing to see how robotics will push entertainment in the years to come.

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