Spot Welding Auto Chassis Using the Tolomatic GSWA ServoWeld Actuator

Application Challenge:

An automotive plant was using a servo actuator with a reverse parallel style motor mount on their RSW chassis to perform spot welding. The actuator/chassis combination resulted in a large footprint and heavy overall weight. The customer wanted a lighter weight and smaller actuator/chassis combination.

Application Requirements:

  • Force: 1000 to 3000 lbf (4448 to 13,445 N) 10,000,000 welds
  • Application Description: Resistance spot welding (RSW) chassis

Tolomatic Solution:

Tolomatic provided a GSWA44 ServoWeld® Actuator with an integrated servo motor, saving space with its smaller footprint and its lighter weight. The actuator also eliminated the need for belt and gear torque transmission.

Customer Benefit:

  • Smaller, lighter weight actuator/chassis combination
  • No maintenance of belts or gears
  • Increased production from reduced downtime
  • Faster cycle times from improved RSW chassis performance