Introducing the World’s Smallest Multiturn Absolute Kit Encoders

Size matters, and in the world of industrial automation, providing exceptional performance in a highly compact package can be an enormous advantage. To meet this challenge, encoder manufacturer POSITAL has introduced a family of super-compact multi-turn absolute kit (modular) encoder for position feedback. With a diameter of only 22 mm and a height of 23 mm, these new kit encoders are designed to be integrated with popular miniature BLDC motors and steppers, providing absolute position feedback for motion control applications.

A special feature of POSITAL’s new 22 mm kit encoders is a multi-turn measurement range, powered by the company’s Wiegand energy harvesting technology. This technology, which activates the rotation-counter system with energy captured directly from the rotation of a shaft-mounted magnet, eliminates the need for backup batteries and significantly reduces maintenance requirements.

Like their ‘big brothers’ – POSITAL’s popular 36 mm kit encoders – the new 22 mm encoders offer 17-bit electronic resolution and a multi-turn measurement range of up to 32 bits. Installing the 22 mm kits is simple and can be carried out under normal factory conditions, with integrated self calibration to smooth setup procedures.

The combination of robust magnetic measurement technology, high operational reliability (with an integrated temperature sensor for diagnostics), multi-turn functionality and maintenance-free operation all help reduce the cost of ownership. Available SSI and BiSS C communications interfaces are vendor-neutral and can be licensed at no cost.

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