Building a high-precision actuator is easily achieved by coupling any servo motor to one of our precision Quick Connect servo gearheads. Planetary gears have simultaneous meshing between the sun gear, planet gears, and the internal ring gear. Harmonic Planetary gears use a precision engineered elastic ring gear which compensates for interference between meshing parts. This proprietary Harmonic Planetary gear design provides smooth and quiet motion and maintains low backlash for the life of the gearhead.

Harmonic Planetary Gears:

  • Ratios: 3:1 – 50:1
  • Peak Torque: 3.9
  • N•m – 3940 N•m
  • Low backlash for life
  • HPG Series, Rack and Pinion available as a kit
  • Right Angle and Hollow Shaft Options
  • Output Configurations: Hollow Shaft, Flange, Keyed Shaft, Smooth Shaft
  • Multiple product lines including HPN, HPG, HPGP, HPF

Product Line Overview HPN Planetary gearheads are priced to deliver a great value. They feature a robust design utilizing helical gears for quiet performance and long life. These gearheads are available with short lead times and are designed to mount to any servo motor with our Quick Connect coupling. HPN gearheads are suitable for use in a wide range of applications for precision motion control and positioning. They are dimensionally compatible with popular gearhead models.

The HPF Harmonic Planetary gear unit delivers high torque and high accuracy and high torque HPGP Quick Connect gearheads offer high-precision and low backlash (standard: < 3-arc-min, optional: <1 arc-min). Innovative ring gear ensures consistent, low backlash for the life of the gearhead. Washdown hardened versions of HPG gearheads featuring improved ingress protection are now available in six frame sizes and dozens of ratios. HPG gearheads are well-suited for AGV/AMR applications.

The HPF Harmonic Planetary gear unit delivers high torque and high-accuracy with a hollow shaft design. An extra-large cross roller bearing serves as the output flange and can directly support large loads with exceptionally high moment stiffness. The large coaxial hollow shaft allows cables, shafts, ball screws or lasers to pass directly through the axis of rotation. Harmonic Drive LLC has a dedicated website for its Harmonic Planetary gearheads, offering users a quick and easy way to choose the best product for their application. Developed with the design engineer in mind, the website features a robust product selector tool, PDF and DXF drawings, as well as downloadable 3-D solid models.

HPN Harmonic Planetary value series provides a low-cost solution without the need to compromise on quality or performance. This new value series of planetary gears carry the reputation for quality and reliability for which Harmonic Drive products are known throughout the world.

  • Helical Gearing
  • Available in 5 frame sizes
  • Peak Torque: 9Nm to 752Nm
  • Ratios: 3:1 to 50:1
  • Quick Connect mounting system
  • High Efficiency
  • Backlash: <5 arc-min (single stage), <7 arc-min (two stage)
  • Fast Delivery
  • Shaft output available with key and center-tapped hole or with center-tapped hole