Autonomous Mobile Robots 101:

A Foundational Understanding

Autonomous Mobile Robots are also called AMR’s or autorobots. This type of robot completes tasks with a high degree of autonomy for 12 to 15 hours without break. The Roomba is probably the best example if a widely used Autonomous Mobile Robot. 

Autonomous Mobile Robots are a type of collaborative robot, or cobot. They are designed to safely work alongside people. Safety is a cobot’s primary feature. If someone falls near an AMR, the scanning system identifies the obstruction and either stops or reroutes. AMR movement is based on maps constructed on software that use an RFID laser grid system, or pre-loaded facility blueprints (like a GPS).

AMR’s can vary greatly in shape, size, agility, mobility, intelligence, and cost. There are four primary types of Autonomous Mobile Robots:

  1. Autonomous inventory robots – These use RFID-tagged products and equipment, allowing the machines to conduct inventory sweeps autonomously at schedules determined by the warehouse.
  2. Self-driving forklifts – These are well-suited for repetitive operations involving longer distances.
  3. Goods-to-person picking robots – These are typically carrying carts that can be programed to travel flexible routes in the warehouse to move product between workers and stations.
  4. Unmanned aerial vehicles – Widely known as drones. They are also referred to as lightweight unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAVs). They also use RFID-scanning technology for things like real-time inventory visibility.

There are a number of advantages to using Autonomous Mobile Robots. AMR’s increase the efficiency and productivity of routine operations. The results in a higher degree of accuracy and fewer errors. Autonomous Mobile Robots fit into a number of industries because they are easy to integrate. Everyone needs to move something somewhere. Business owners don’t have to change the factory layout when introducing AMR’s, so it’s one of the lower cost autonomous solutions to implement.

Lastly, there are two big benefits to the workforce: safety and advancement. Safety is a big advantage, especially in high-risk environments with dangerous materials. And by removing people from having to complete mundane reputative tasks, it allows them to grow and evolve within the workforce.  

Almost all the components found within different AMR’s are available at, as well as additional information about Autonomous Mobile Robots.