Improving Animal Health Using the Tolomatic ERD Rod Cylinder & ACS Drive

When the need for delicate/smooth motion was required to facilitate the inoculation process off eggs, Tolomatic was called to upgrade this company’s system. The existing machine was using pneumatically driven rod cylinders, and the goal was to switch to electric motion technology.

The actuators needed to operate on a continuous basis during each batch run, even though the machine motion was intermittent. The machinery was also subjected to a caustic wash down process between each run.

To solve the challenge, an ERD15 all stainless-steel actuator with an IP67 motor protection package was combined with a NEMA 23-frame stepper motor. An ACS drive was also used for an economical pneumatic replacement. This solution provided infinite positioning capability with smooth, controlled motion.

As a result, the movement was smoother, and it enhanced the precision of the inoculation process. It eliminated the risk of damage during the transfer process as well. It also eliminated costly air and potential leaks across the plant. Finally, the new system allows for quick, easy changeovers from one egg pattern to the next with no use of manual labor for adjustments in stroke length.

Additional benefits included:

  • Low cost, easy to install electric system made the switch from pneumatics painless
  • Easy connection to I/O of Allen Bradley PLC supported customers PLC specifications

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