SMAC Moving Coil Actuators succeed in Biomedical Applications

SMAC Moving Coil Actuators manufactures precision electric actuators using Moving Coil Technology. These actuators allow force, position, and speed to be completely programmable. With precise force control, soft-land capability, repeatable positioning, and data feedback, they have a variety of applications within industries such as Medical, Bioscience, and Pharmaceutical. To learn more about SMAC actuators for biomedicine, contact Electromate today.


Automated Screwing Caps on a Syringe

The automated screwing of caps onto a syringe requires precise torque control, lending SMAC’s actuators with fully programmable force and data feedback capability a perfect choice.

Simplifies Suture Assembly Process

The process of suture assembly can be complex and tedious when done with a pneumatic system. Additionally, the load cell can be oversensitive to noise introduced by the environment, required periodic calibration. This leads to an increase in downtime and a decrease in productivity. With SMAC, there is no need for downtime due to calibration, no load cell, less maintenance, fewer components, and more cost effectiveness.

Diabetes Dosing Assembly and Testing

With SMAC, diabetes dosing assembly and testing can be done in one complete package with a linear and rotary axis; there is no need for a load cell, LVDT, and ball screw. These tests monitor the torque and the amount of dosing desired, then pressing the end button inward and monitoring the effort and position. This is all done to ensure the internal components are functioning properly.

Medical Catheter Assembly

When assembling a medical catheter, the LAR95 series linear rotary actuator assembles the needle to housing within 3 seconds from the time of pick up to when it is fully tightened. With precise force control and fast, accurate handling, you can be sure no parts will be damaged.


Measure Cell Height

In both dry and saturated conditions, SMAC actuators measure cell height with smoothness of motion and accuracy. Their compact size and pricing also make SMAC the perfect choice.


Soft Contact Lens Molding

With SMAC, pharmaceutical companies have been able to automate their molding stations. When the monomer is still fluid, a smooth velocity profile and good force control is essential. This prevents any bubbles or imperfections from forming within the lens.

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