Introducing the Linear Encoder Family of MicroE Systems

MicroE Sytems Linear Encoders
MicroE Sytems Linear Encoders

MicroE Systems was founded in 1994 to advance encoder technology.  Seizing the trend toward smaller motion systems, their patented optical designs have led to over 30 different encoder models today.  These innovations make encoders that achieve higher accuracy and speed while also being smaller, easier to install, and use less power.  That’s why so many OEMs are putting MicroE Systems encoders in their designs.

MicroE Systems’ encoders are renowned for their small size, ease of setup and features.  But more customers are also discovering their world class performance—lower cyclical error for better velocity control, accuracy to ±1µm, and resolution that’s stable up to 1.2nm.

All of this performance comes from a 20µm-pitch encoder system that’s a fraction of the cost of 4µm and 2µm pitch encoders—now that’s value.

Features commmon to all MicroE Systems Encoders:

  • Compact and tiny sensors
  • Wide setup tolerances
  • User-programmable resolution
  • Robust tolerance to scale contamination
  • Low power consumption
  • Software for encoder setup and data plots

MicroE Systems’ family of Linear Encoders includes:

Performance and Value Linear Encoders

Tape Scale Linear Encoders

High-Performance Linear Encoders

Compact Linear Encoders

High Vacuum Linear Encoders

Information on the full family of MicroE Systems linear encoders can be found at the link below-

For more information, please contact:

Warren Osak
Toll Free Phone:   877-737-8698
Toll Free Fax:       877-737-8699

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