Announcing MOTIONEERING® Online

Announcing MOTIONEERING® Online – Kollmorgen has revamped, modernized and put online one of the most respected applications sizing programs of the last 20 years.  You now can access this application sizing and selection tool where ever you have access to the internet.  This initial launch of MOTIONEERING Online is just a start of a series of releases that will empower you to optimize solutions for your toughest applications.  Sizing frameless motors and drive systems has never been easier.  Using a mechanism project concept for collecting and saving multiple axes of load information, MOTIONEERING® Online can automatically calculate application results and compare against a catalog of systems – recommending the most optimized set of Kollmorgen system solutions available.

Versatile units-of-measure selection options for mechanism and motion profile data-entry, with the ability to convert data into other available units, makes this a convenient international tool.  A user-friendly Help file teaches program functions and algorithms used to provide results.

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Motioneering Project Start Screen

Mechanism Projects

  • Direct drive entry, lead screw, conveyor
  • Rack and pinion, nip rolls
  • Direct Drive Rotary
  • Electric cylinder
  • Direct Data Entry
  MOTIONEERING Online Filtered Results

Solution Set Search Screen

  • Color-coded indication of system’s ability to meet application requirements
  • Review system components specifications
  • Save, print, or create a pdf application report
  • Evaluate system performance curve with application points


MOTIONEERING® Online  NEW and Improved Features:

  • Inertia Calculator – lets you build up inertia based on odd shapes by additive or subtractive methods
  • Custom motion profile – easy to add entire segments or copy segments to repeat
  • Environmental Factor – takes into account your ambient temperature
  • Project by Project Units – You can tailor your units on a project by project basis, or use the global units settings

Supported Browsers:

  • IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari

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