HO Series Slotless Motors…by Applimotion

Applimotion HO Brushless Slotless Motor
Applimotion HO Brushless Slotless Motor

Applimotion Inc. introduces the HO series NEMA 23 brushless motors with large through hole for Direct Drive rotary applications.

  • Large Through Hole – 16 mm axial through hole with optional shaft extensions available.
  • NEMA 23 Mounting Flange – Industry standard for step motors and servo motors.
  • NdFeB Magnets – High performance single ring multi-pole magnet.
  • Optional Windings – Select your voltage and current, we create the winding, no charge
  • Sinusoidal Torque Curves – less than 1% higher harmonic content for minimum torque ripple on sinusoidal drives
  • High Resolution Encoder Option – Standard Encoder Resolution 288,000 counts/rev, optional resolution up to 29,492,200 counts/rev.
  • Designed for Direct Drive Rotary Applications – Replace geared mechanical stages with better accuracy, higher reliability, quiet operation, and longer life.

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Click to access Applimotion_Ho_Series_Slotless_Motors_Datasheet.pdf

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