The No-Compromise IXARC Rotary Sensor from POSITAL

POSITAL’s new magnetic encoders feature highly-optimized signal processing software running on powerful 32-bit microprocessors.  This combination improves on earlier-generation magnetic encoders with a four-fold improvement in measurement accuracy and a reduction of latency by a factor of over 100.  These new devices offer the best of both worlds: accuracy and dynamic response that rivals high-quality optical encoders combined with the ruggedness and compact form-factor of magnetic encoders.

Posital IXARC Rotary Sensor
Posital IXARC Rotary Sensor

The new POSITAL encoders provide up to 12-bit accuracy (0.09 degrees) and a multi-turn capability with a range of over four billion rotations.  The multi-turn capability is based on an all-electronic rotation counter system that is powered by energy harvested from the rotary motion of the device’s shaft.  This counter keeps track of the total number of turns that the encoder shaft has experienced, even if these occur while system power is unavailable, As a result, there is no need to re-zero the control system – even when movements take place while the control system is powered down.

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