XSEL Software Training For IAI TTA Table Top Robot

5 minute YouTube Video

Published on Jun 11, 2014

Easy to learn XSEL Programming Software.  This short video focuses on Program and Position (Data Table) training.
1: Program
Input to the program data sheet in the PC software all necessary commands in the “SEL language” (IAI’s original language) that instruct the details and sequence of operations.
2: Position (Data Table)
Determine the positions to move the robot to, and input them to the position data sheet in the PC software as coordinates.

The IAI TTA Multi-Axis Table Top Robot features…
Improved Tabletop Robot for Cell Production Applications, Featuring Significantly Higher Payload, Maximum Speed and Rigidity!
1: Significantly Higher Payload and Maximum Speed
2: Stores More Programs and Positions
The additional of a data recovery function makes sure your original data can be restored should writing to a FLASH drive fail due to a power failure.
3: Three Times As Many I/O Points As Conventional Models
When the standard I/O slot isn’t enough, up to two additional expansion I/O slots can be installed.
4: Variations
Four operating ranges are available to choose from.
The 3-axis specification is available in two types of Z-axis strokes: 100mm and 150mm.  You can select a model ideal for the size of your work part.  Additional options let you change the Y-axis height and position.
5: Greater Bending Rigidity is Achieved by Integrating the Structure of the Y-axis Base with the Mounting Bracket.
6: Labyrinth Structure to Suppress Intrusion of Foreign Matter into X-axis
The X-axis opening is structured as a labyrinth in order to make it difficult for foreign matter dropping onto the actuator (such as screws, molten metal, dust, etc.) and entering the X-axis.  This expands the types of work environment supported.

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