TBW Series Iron Core Linear Motor from Tecnotion

The TBW series is the water cooled variant of the TB series.  It features a fully integrated, highly efficient cooling system which enables the TBW to reach even higher continuous forces than the standard version and sustain extreme accelerations while maintaining its submicron position accuracy.  Since heat is not dissipated into the machine’s construction, it is especially suited for applications where thermal management is an issue.

Tecnotion TBW Linear Motor
Tecnotion TBW Linear Motor

This type of motor has a low magnetic resistance. The ironcore and the magnet closing plate are excellent flux conductors, so only the magnets and a single airgap contribute to the resistance in the circuit.  Due to this low resistance, the ironcore motor’s operation involves a strong flux, yielding high forces and excellent efficiency.  That makes this type a real workhorse with the following main features:

  • high peak force density
  • high continuous force density
  • relatively low heat dissipation


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