Linear motor offers submicron resolution

The S605 linear-shaft motor offers up to 3,100 N of acceleration force, and a continuous force of 780 N, making it suitable for applications requiring high force, high precision, energy efficiency, and high precision.  The motor can hit submicron resolution.

Nippon Linear Shaft Motor Family
Nippon Linear Shaft Motor Family

Three types of windings are available — double, triple, quadruple.  The S605’s acceleration current is between 34 and 35 A and acceleration force and current can be maintained for up to 40 sec.  The motor has a 60.5-mm shaft diameter, is available with strokes between 200 and 2,000 mm, a 1.75-mm noncritical air gap, and a rated voltage of 240 V. The motor is available in 18 different sizes, ranging from 4 to 60.5 mm.

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