5 Key Tips for Linear Bearing Maintenance

A White Paper from Al Ng, Director, Engineering — Thomson Linear Bearings and Guides

How a $25 Investment Now Can Prevent Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Unplanned Downtime.   5 Key Tips for Proper Linear Bearing Maintenance.

Now is the time to start avoiding expensive unplanned downtime by implementing a regular schedule for bearing lubrication and replacement. Proper lubrication is required for rolling element bearings to last, even under light loads. The dynamic load capacities listed in the catalog depend upon appropriate lubrication intervals. For low loads or higher speed low drag applications, machine oil may be sufficient. Oil flows more freely through the bearing, flushing out contaminants but also requiring more frequent re-lubrication. Grease should be used for moderate to high load applications. The higher viscosity provides better adhesion and the channeling properties allow for less frequent lubrication.

A typical minimum lubrication cycle is once a year or every 100 km of travel, which ever comes first. More frequent lubrication may be required based on application specifics, like the duty cycle, usage, and environment…

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