DC Servo Motor Sizing Made Easy: A Practical 1/2 Day Course presented by Dr. Urs Kafader, maxon motor ag

Monday February 3rd in Coquitlam, BC  and  Tuesday February 4th in Calgary, AB

This half-day seminar provides the practical information you need to successfully select the right DC motor — be it brushed or brushless — for your application.  You’ll learn about the interpretation of motor data and how you can use this information for motor sizing.  Whether you need high speed and dynamics or just high torque, this seminar will teach you to size a motor + drive with just the right power reserves, avoiding costly oversized motors.  The Calgary seminar features a discussion on the selection and operation of extreme environment servo motors including downhole drilling motors.

Presenter: Dr. Urs Kafader, maxon motor ag, author of the “Selection of High-Precision Microdrives”

What You’ll Receive:

  • maxon Formulae Handbook
  • E-Learning software tutorial on USB Stick
  • maxon Catalog 

What You’ll Learn:

  • Basics of DC motor data. Learn how to interpret motor data sheets and use the speed-torque line information for optimum motor sizing.
  • Systematic drive selection in the context of your application specific requirements and boundary conditions. This includes optimum power management, control loops, accuracy and ambient conditions.
  • Basics of gearhead data and their impact on motor selection.
  • Selection criteria for DC motors. Topics include the characteristics of different commutation types for brushed and brushless DC motors and when to use them.
  • Application examples. Learn how to extract the key parameters for drive selection from your application: The examples include continuous operation as well as dynamic operation cycles.
  • Motion Control: The main features and application possibilities of maxon EPOS and ESCON controllers [Coquitlam Seminar Only]
  • Sizing of DC Servo Motors for Extreme Environment Operation [Calgary Seminar Only]

How to make a motor “Heavy Duty” and how do key motor data change with ambient temperature and environment they run in [Calgary Seminar Only]


BEST WESTERN PLUS Coquitlam Inn Convention Centre
Coquitlam, BC
Monday February 3, 2014
Phone: (604) 937-1345
Directions to the Best Western Plus Coquitlam Inn can be viewed at the following link: Best Western Plus Coquitlam Inn Directions


Holiday Inn Express Airport Calgary
Tuesday February 4, 2014
Phone: (403) 769-1888
Directions to the Holiday Inn Express can be viewed at the following link: Holiday Inn Express Airport Calgary Directions

9:30 am – 2:30 pm. Lunch included

$59 CDN/person + GST

To Register: The Seminar requires pre-registration & payment by Credit Card or PayPal. Click on the link below to be directed to our Online Payment Registration Form.

Maxon Seminar Registration Online Link

OR call Electromate at 877-737-8698 with your credit card information.

download: Calgary Seminar Agenda.pdf
download: Coquitlam Seminar Agenda.pdf

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