Customized IP66 Motor and Gearmotor Solutions

Groschopp Product Family
Groschopp Product Family

Groschopp’s expertise in designing and manufacturing motors and gearmotors to IP66 standards has been honed on over a decade of experience with many  rigorous test specifications from Tier 1 companies.  These rigorous test specifications have included high vibration, salt spray, mud, temperature extremes, and “million-mile” operating guarantees.  Application experience and a broad product portfolio allow OEMs working with Groschopp to quickly and reliably achieve exceptional, cost-effective designs.  Typical applications include:

  • Pulp and Paper Processing
  • Fluid Pumps
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Heavy Duty and Off-Road Automotive
  • Liquid Mixers and Processors
  • Commercial Grade Construction Tools
  • Chemical Processing

“Very few manufacturers in our industry achieve the level that we have gone to develop this product line – they stop at IP65,” comments Ed Tullar, Sales Manager.  “This new product line captures our many years of engineering experience that has been tested and proven with a wide variety OEMs, and it packages that experience into these optimum harsh environment solutions.”

The Groschopp product line includes Permanent Magnet DC, Brushless DC, and AC Induction motors ranging from 0.05 hp to 1.0 hp. Any of the motors can be coupled with Right Angle, Parallel Shaft or Planetary speed reducers to create an integrated, IP66-rated gearmotor solution.

For complete product specifications, application examples and details on testing and protection features get an in-depth look into IP ratings.

Information on Groschopp’s family of PMDC motors and gearmotors can be viewed at the link below-

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