Lintech Shaft and Carriage Assemblies

Shaft & Carriage Assemblies were one of the first custom products which Lintech made many years ago.  These consist of pre-assembling shafts onto a support and mounting pillow blocks on a plate to create a carriage.  These assemblies soon became a standard Lintech product line and they are still widely utilized in linear motion applications.

Lintech Shaft Assembly Lintech Carriage Assembly Lintech Shafting

Lintech shaft and carriage assemblies are offered in a variety of shaft diameters and overall lengths.  Carriage assemblies are also made to fit the shaft assemblies and can be from 6 inches to 30 inches long.  These assemblies can be ordered to be suitable for use in applications where there may be corrosion concerns.  Carriage assemblies can be obtained with hand wheel locks which provide for a manual lock to the shaft.  To check out Lintech shaft assemblies, carriage assemblies and other linear motion products, click here.

Detailed product information on the shaft and carriage assembly products from Lintech can be found at the link below-

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