3D Models Help In The Selection Of Linear Motors and Stages

Nippon Pulse’s 3D CAD model catalog is designed to assist you in successfully integrating a motion control product into your application. With a catalog that includes thousands of customizable options, finding the proper product for your system is thorough yet simple.

Nippon Pulse Linear Shaft Motors
Nippon Pulse Linear Shaft Motors

After you’ve chosen the correct family (Linear Shaft Motor, tin-can stepper, linear stepper, etc.), drop down menus make it very simple for you to find the exact product you’ll need.  With each selection, we provide you with not only the electrical specs and product dimensions, but also the exact part number you’ll need to make an order.

Under the proper circumstances, we will also design a new model to meet specifications we do not already include in our catalog. If you have a need for a truly unique motor or stage, let us know and we will work with you to create that exact part.

Don’t worry about which CAD program you have and if it’s compatible with our models.  We offer 3D models in just about every format available on the market and continually add more as necessary.

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Detailed product information on the linear motor and stage products from Nippon Pulse can be found at the link below-


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