Electromate Announces New Partnership with MagneMotion

Intelligent Transportation Systems based on Linear Synchronous Motor technology

Electromate is pleased to announce a new partnership with MagneMotion, a Devens, MA USA company, providing assembly and process automation, material handling, and transportation solutions based on advanced electro-magnetic technology and controls.  MagneMotion’s LSM (Linear Synchronous Motor) products are an intelligent and efficient alternative to traditional conveyor systems used in industrial automation, and moves payloads up to 10 times faster increasing overall productivity.

Electromate specifically will focus on MagneMotion’s QuickStick and the MagneMover LITE products.

QuickStick – for loads heavier than 2kg

MagneMotion QuickStick  

  • Increased Productivity
  • Reduced Input / Output

MagneMover LITE – for loads 2kg or less

  • Modular design
  • Precise position and tracking

MagneMotion MagneMover LITE

Key Features & Advantages

  • Increased production capacity
  • Faster and more efficient process automation
  • Eliminates the need for 3rd party systems to increase throughput
  • Fewer moving parts results in lower maintenance
  • Lower energy requirements
  • Reduced input / output
  • Accurate positioning with no hard stops, bi-directional travel, smooth motion and continuous tracking and reporting
  • Unique carrier IDs facilitate tracking, reporting and prioritizing the routing of individual carriers
  • No belts, chains, gears or external sensors ensure high reliability

To learn more about MagneMotion solutions, please contact us at (877) 737-8698 or sales@electromate.com


For more information, please contact:

Warren Osak
Toll Free Phone:   877-737-8698
Toll Free Fax:       877-737-8699

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