MTS Expands Temposonics® R-Series to include Profinet RT

MTS Systems Corp., Sensors Division, has introduced the Temposonics® R-Series with Profinet IO Real Time (RT) interface.  These highly accurate sensors are part of the company’s second product line, along with EtherNet/IP, for use with Ethernet interfaces in heavy manufacturing and other industrial applications.  Currently, the sensors are available with either a 4.1 PNO (PROFIBUS User Organization) standardized profile or an MTS communication profile for multi-position measurement.

R-Series LDT with Profinet RT Output
R-Series LDT with Profinet RT Output

The R-Series with Profinet RT Interface offers several advantages when compared to other technologies currently available, including:

  • Multiple position measurement using 19 unique magnets
  • Double shielded housing to allow use in electrically noisy environments
  • Easy replacement and maintenance options using a cartridge based model
  • High tolerance to shock and vibration for harsh environments

MTS Sensors is currently marketing these products across all industrial segments and applications in which Industrial Ethernet can improve productivity and quality, including steel mills, hydraulic presses, electric welding, pulp and paper and industrial robotics.

More information on the MTS Temposonics Profinet RT Linear Displacement Transducer can be viewed at-

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