Tecnotion Linear Motors Pass CSA Certification

Tecnotion takes pride in the continuous improvements in product quality, safety and performance.  We are excited to announce that our entire iron core series are now fully certified for CSA!  With the addition of the CSA certification to the CE certification a milestone has been reached.   The certification applies for series TM, TL TB and TBW.

Tecnotion Linear Motors
Tecnotion Linear Motors

The iron core series completely meet the rules of certification for USA and Canada.  The products are eligible to bear the CSA mark.  The CSA International certification ensures increased quality and safety and it provides better opportunities at the North American Market.

To accomplish the CSA certification minor changes have been made to the iron core series.  All iron core motors now contain the same black casting compound.  The new casting material has improved flame retardant properties and is more environmentally friendly.  The cable diameter of the TM-series has been decreased.

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