Join maxon for a Webinar on September 10, 2013

Join maxon motor for a webinar on September 10, 2013 from 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Topic: A New Way to Customize, Configure, and Order Compact Drive Systems
Presented by: Matt Badger, e-Business Agent for maxon precision motors, inc.
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Do you need a precise and powerful microdrive — one that is customized for a specific application and ready for shipment in 11 working days or less?  This step-by-step presentation describes how to configure and combine DC motors with gearheads and sensors — quickly, easily, and according to your exact requirements.

In this presentation from maxon motor, attendees will discover a simple, on-line procedure for configuring a high-precision microdrive system ideal for almost any application, from aerospace to medical to robotics.  Key to this capability is the company’s DCX motor line.  Known for high power density, a patented ironless rotor, and quiet operation, maxon DCX motors ensure a highly dynamic drive in almost any situation.  Learn why these motors, combined with compact maxon GPX gearheads, maxon ENX encoders, and intelligent control electronics, form the basis for a custom-made microdrive solution.  In addition, participants will understand why microdrive customization no longer means extended lead times.  Once configured online and ordered, a custom DCX drive system is ready for shipment in 11 working days or less.

Key Take-aways:

  • Understand key specifications of maxon DCX motors, GPX gearheads, and ENX sensors
  • Learn how to configure your motor, gear, and encoder combination in a few simple steps
  • Learn how to add intelligent control electronics
  • Discover how to get your customized order processed in 11 working days or less

We look forward to seeing you on September 10th!!

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