Introducing the New 4 mm Micromotor and Gearhead from Maxon Motor

maxon motor was challenged to deliver maximum power in the smallest possible space and the result is the EC 4 brushless motor

The general problem with micro drives is that the power output is too low for the application, due to the physical dimensions. maxon increased the performance of this tiny motor using the latest winding technology, the most powerful magnets and optimum use of the air gap.  Integrated encoders make it possible to fully utilise the motor potential, from a standstill.  This is unique for motors of this size. maxon also incorporated a high quality gearhead to ensure optimum continuous running.  High performance ceramics are used for the gearhead carrier to make the motor capable of high input speeds and drive torques.  It is the ideal partner for the miniature ESCO 36/3 brushless motor controller.

Maxon EC4 Micromotor with GP4 Gearhead
Maxon EC4 Micromotor with GP4 Gearhead

The speed/torque gradient of the EC 4 is an impressive 50,000 rpm mNm-1 with a continuous torque of 0.4 mNm.  There are options on the windings and encoders as well as different reduction ratios on the new 4 mm planetary gearhead.

The motor is also available in two lengths.

>Short version with 0.5 W nominal power

>Long version with 1.0 W nominal power

The 4 mm brushless DC motor is a great fit for applications in the fields of micropumps, analytic and diagnostic devices, opthalmic surgical devices, laboratory robots, endoscopes and anywhere where size is an issue.

The EC 4 platform sets new benchmarks with regards to technical possibilities and opens up future fields of application.  Watch this space!

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