Netzer encoders heading for space

Reprint of Netzer Press Release dated 30/8/2010

Netzer heading for space.   Netzer Precision Motion Sensors – Electric Encoder™ , incorporated in NASA newly released Robonaut-2

Netzer Rotary Encoder Family
Netzer Rotary Encoder Family

Robonaut 2 (R2) is a state of the art, highly dexterous anthropomorphic robot jointly developed by NASA and GM teams for different space missions.  Its dexterity allows it to use a wide range of tools, the same tools that astronauts currently use, and it does not need specialized tools.  To achieve its design goals NASA design team was looking for rotary encoders that met the following specifications:

  • thin and hollow bore form factor
  • high resolution
  • high precision absolute position output
  • low power consumption
  • space environments compatible

Netzer Electric Encoders™ DS-130 and DS-90 fit the bill.

Robonaut 2 includes 10 Electric Encoders™ in each hand, 3 encoders in the neck and 2 encoders in the torso, altogether 25 encoders.  Extensive testing was done on Robonaut 2 in preparation for its flight, including vibration, vacuum and radiation.  Robonaut 2 is destined for the international space station (ISS); it will be carried on board STS-133 space shuttle mission scheduled to launch November 1, 2010.  A proposed mission called Project M was announced in 2009 by JSC and if approved would land a R2 robot on the moon within 1000 days in 2013.

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