FHA-C mini series Compact Hollow Shaft Actuators

The FHA-C Mini Series is a family of extremely compact Hollow Shaft Actuators that deliver high torque with exceptional accuracy and repeatability. The actuator combines a high precision Harmonic Drive™ gear component with a pancake brushless servo motor.  An incremental or multi-turn absolute encoder is integrated to provide high resolution velocity and position feedback.  By offering a complete actuator package, Harmonic Drive LLC has provided the design engineer with matched, power-compatible components and the rigid mechanical structure required for high performance and servo stiffness.

Harmonic FHA Mini Actuator
Harmonic FHA Mini Actuator

Used in highly demanding industrial robot and servo systems, harmonic drive actuators can provide precision motion control and high torque capacity in very compact packages. Encoders and tachometers are built integral with the motor to make the axial length a minimum.  Harmonic drive gearing is lubricated with a special grease providing low maintenance and prolonged service life.

The FHA mini series AC servo actuators’ compact shape and hollow-shaft construction enables possible downsizing of machinery/equipment and simplifies design.

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