Positioning Stage is designed to handle light loads at very high speeds

LinTech is pleased to introduce the 120 series tables which are designed to handle light loads at very high speeds.  These tables use a low friction, preloaded, recirculating linear ball bearing system, which rides on precision ground linear rails.  The linear rails are mounted to a precision machined aluminum base, which offers a rigid support over the entire travel of the table’s carriage. The load is mounted to a precision machined aluminum carriage, which has threaded stainless steel inserts for high strength and wear life.

The drive system uses two pulleys, along with a high strength, steel reinforced polyurethane belt, which provides 3.543 inches (90 mm) of linear movement per revolution of the input shaft.  The simple belt tensioning system allows for easy adjustment of belt tension by the user.  NEMA 23 & 34 motor mounts, or gearhead mounts are available as well as planetary gearheads.

Lintech 120 Series Belt Driven Stage
Lintech 120 Series Belt Driven Stage

Key Features:

1) Square Rail Recirculating Linear Bearings

2) 3.5″ wide by 3.0″ tall

3) Travel Lengths from 4 to 120 inches

4) Load Capacity to 3,100 pounds

5) Belt Drive System for High Speeds

6) Prices start at $1,195 US

Key Benefits:

1) The two (2) and four (4) bearing carriage options allow for either light or heavy load capacity applications.

2) The 120 series positioning tables feature a small envelope size, good load capacity, and travel lengths to 120 inches.

3) The 120 series belt drive table is ideal for those applications that call for a relatively repeatable system (+/- 0.001″), medium load capacities (< 50 lbs), and fairly high speeds (< 100 in/sec), over a travel length of 10 feet.

4) No cover plates (CP0) or a top cover plate (CP1) offer the user a range of enclosed table options versus cost.

5) The two (2) rail and four (4) bearing carriage option provides a very rigid positioning system using a belt drive versus some of the other roller, or plastic, bearing belt drive systems that are on the market.

6) Using the various adapter plates and mounting brackets allow for the many different and easily obtained X-Y, X-Z, or X-Y-Z configurations.

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