O.P.S. Encoders from MicroE Systems set a new standard for performance and value

Excellent Performance + Value = O.P.S.™ Encoders

MicroE Systems’ new O.P.S. optical encoder series advances precision and speed of motion systems and metrology equipment by setting a new standard for performance and value.  Its combination of resolution up to 50nm, fast-installing tape scale, dual optical limits and status LED in the sensor make it the encoder of choice for OEM applications in CMM’s, semiconductor equipment, linear stages, medical robots and scanners, microscope stages, and many more.

MicroE Systems O.P.S. Product Family
MicroE Systems O.P.S. Product Family

O.P.S. encoders have low cyclical error, just ±40nm on tape scale, enabling better positioning precision and velocity control.  With linear resolutions of 1µm, 0.5µm, 0.1µm and 50µm, and rotary resolutions of 163k CPR to 3.3M CPR, O.P.S. fits many different applications.

Continuing MicroE’s strategy of putting all electronics in the sensor, O.P.S. is MicroE Systems’ first product with a built in setup LED.  The tri-state LED shows signal strength in real time, reassuring you that the encoder is working correctly during OEM system operation.  Locating all electronics in the sensor allows connectors to be easily configured and customized for individual customer applications.

O.P.S. is compatible with High Performance Tape Scale and Marker Tape and rotary glass scales.  The same sensor works in both applications, reducing inventory requirements for multiple axis machines.  The fast-installing adhesive-mount tape scale is available with built-in optical index and limit marks that are within the 6mm width of the scale, making it the most compact tape scale available.  Combine this with O.P.S.’s dual optical limits, class-leading wide alignment tolerances, and a compact sensor only 8.9mm high, and O.P.S. encoders make a strong presence for convenience and flexibility.

O.P.S. Encoders work with MicroE Systems’ PurePrecision™ linear tape scales and rotary glass scales.  Adhesive-mount tape scales achieve linearity of ±5µm/m and perform in applications requiring up to 30m of travel.  Thermal expansion is matched to the mounting substrate by applying epoxy to both ends of the tape scale.

Compared to competing products, the O.P.S. offers superior performance in a smaller package that is more efficient for customer system integration.

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