GAM Introduces New SPH Helical Gearbox

GAM SPH Gearbox
GAM SPH Gearbox

Mount Prospect, IL – July 10, 2012 –  GAM Gear introduces the SPH series inline planetary gearbox.  Featuring helical gearing, the SPH brings a new level of power and precision to an extensive portfolio of gear technology which includes hypoid, spiral bevel, spur, and worm.

The SPH is designed specifically for dynamic and cyclic motion control applications and can be optimized for high speed and continuous duty applications as well.  The SPH gears are cut at an ideal angle to help reduce axial forces that are traditionally associated with helical gearing and then ground for reduced noise levels and improved smoothness and accuracy.  The gear teeth are also wider which allows for larger permissible torques relative to the frame size and heavy duty taper roller bearings enable large loading capabilities.

GAM SPH Gearbox

“Our customers have been looking for a high precision gearbox that can help maximize their machine performance,” said Craig van den Avont, President of GAM Gear.  “Helical gearing is a necessity as these applications require a combination of high accuracies, efficiencies, speeds, and torques. The SPH delivers.”

The SPH is GAM’s latest solution for today’s demanding motion control challenges.  Available in six frame sizes and nominal torque ratings ranging from 15 to 900Nm.

Key Features:

  • Helical Gears
  • Precision cut
  • Higher torque capacity relative to the frame size
  • Smooth and quiet transmission
  • Output dimensions match those of comparable gear reducers on the market
  • Several output configurations simplifies system integration

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