Nippon Pulse’s SLP Acculine Linear Stage System for Industrial Applications

Nippon Pulse’s SLP Acculine stage series is an all-inclusive solution that integrates shaft support within the housing, simplifying your transition from traditional linear motion systems, including ball-screws and pneumatic actuators.

Nippon Pulse Acculine SLP Linear Shaft Motor Stage
Nippon Pulse Acculine SLP Linear Shaft Motor Stage

Because it is an all-inclusive stage, the SLP series vastly simplifies and eases installation and reduces the amount of machining you’ll be required to perform. Because the SLP series is built around Nippon Pulse’s high-precision Linear Shaft Motor, this actuator minimizes unusable support space and maximizes the usable travel area.

The SLP series also features the smallest deadzone of any linear stage on the market and features the highest force-to-volume ratio of any linear stage system available. Again, because the SLP series is designed around the Linear Shaft Motor, the stage has very few maintenance demands. As is the case with any linear motion system, you need to ensure that the built-in bearings are free of foreign material.

Features of the SLP Stage include:

• Three model sizes (SLP15, SLP25, SLP35)
• Non-critical motor air gap between 0.5 and 2.0mm
• Continuous forces between 17 and 185N
• Acceleration forces between 90 and 970N
• Standard stroke lengths between 100 and 1300mm
• Single or double-slider configurations
• Maximum acceleration of 3.5G
• Maximum velocity of 3 m/s
• Load capacity between 3 and 30kg
• Easily configured into XY and/or XYZ assemblies
• 1µm encoder resolution
• Jig plates to ease configuration of multiple axis assemblies

SLP Acculine Stage Applications include:

• High-speed pick and place
• High-force packaging
• Processing and handling machines
• Ball-screw replacement systems
• Belt drive replacement systems
• Rack and pinion replacement systems

For more information on the SLP Acculine Stage Product Family, click on the link below:

Acculine Stage Product Family


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