Linear Shaft Motor to Replace Traditional Linear Systems

Nippon Pulse Linear Shaft Motors
Nippon Pulse Linear Shaft Motors

Nippon Pulse’s Linear Shaft Motor is an ideal replacement for more traditional linear motion systems including ball-screws, belt drives, piezo motors, u-channel motors, and rack and pinion linear actuators. The Linear Shaft Motor provides greater energy efficiency, precision, accuracy, repeatability, and cost efficiency than similar linear systems.

A direct thrust motor, the Linear Shaft Motor has no backlash, no wear and provides extremely smooth motion. Because the Linear Shaft Motor is a simple mechanical design, consisting of only a forcer (coils) and magnetic shaft, it is virtually maintenance free and creates minimal noise and no dust/debris.

Replacing a traditional linear system with the Linear Shaft Motor, or integrating it into a new design, will reduce the number of parts in the system, save space, eliminate the need to adjust with locating guides and concentrics, reduce machining cost and time, and minimize design cost and time.

Advantages of the Linear Shaft Motor

  • Speeds up to 10m/s with acceleration up to 20G
  • Speeds as low as 8μm/s
  • Precision up to 0.07nm (dependent on linear encoder)
  • Over 50% more energy efficient than u-shaped motors
  • No cogging: Coreless design results in no magnetic      cogging
  • Non-critical air gap between 0.5 and 5.0mm, allowing      for easy installation and alignment
  • Stiffness up to 100 times greater than similar motors
  • Speed fluctuation of only 0.006% at 100mm/s
  • Ironless design creates no eddy currents
  • Unlike similar motors, the Linear Shaft Motor is rated  using no external heat sinks
  • Harsh environment operation, including washdown, underwater, debris, vacuum

We’ve Integrated it for You

We’ve taken the Linear Shaft Motor and integrated into several stage solutions, further simplifying the transition from traditional linear systems and easing integration into new designs.

For more information on the Nippon Pulse Linear Shaft Motor Product Family, click on the link below:

Nippon Pulse Linear Shaft Motor Product Family

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