New EC 60 Flat 100Watt Brushless Servo Motor With MILE Encoder and Protection Class IP 54

The multitude of possible combinations makes the new Maxon EC 60 flat 100Watt the ideal servo motor in a wide range of applications.  Whether the focus is on high nominal torque, on high-dynamic positioning tasks with superb repetition accuracy, or on robustness and insensitivity against environmental conditions, the choice is all up to the end user.

Maxon EC60 Flat 100Watt DC Brushless Servo Motor
Maxon EC60 Flat 100Watt DC Brushless Servo Motor

Various windings for battery-powered and industrial applications, flat design for small spaces.

Nominal torque up to 319 mNm, iron-core with almost inexistent detent.

Radial load 100 N, protection class IP 54 (spray water), preloaded ball bearings, grounding connection, environmental conditions of -40 to +100°C.  The EC 60 also features an optional MILE encoder which optimizing the use of the EC 60 flat motor in high-precision applications and positioning tasks. 

Behind the abbreviation MILE hides Maxon’s Inductive Little Encoder, the worldwide smallest inductive rotary encoder.  Its operating principle is based on the detection of high-frequency inductivity which generates eddy current in an electrically conducting target.

The advantages of a high-frequency inductive method of measurement compared to traditional encoders are:

  • High robustness towards dust or oil vapor, thus making additional protective measures, such as a cover, unnecessary.
  • High speed.
  • Insensitivity against interference pulses (for example from PWM controllers or motor magnets).

The EC 60 flat’s extraordinary characteristics come into full effect in battery-powered mobile applications, as well as in the industrial field; for example in variable flow valve drives, in dialysis systems, or in direct drive centrifuges with extended service life and large radial loads.

For more information on the Maxon EC 60 Flat DC Brushless Servo Motor, click on the link below:

Maxon’s EC60 Flat 100Watt Servo Motor  

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