OEM Module for Brushless DC Motors w/Hall Sensors

The maxon motor DEC module 50/5 controller is a digital amplifier with speed controller for controlling brushless motors.

 Maxon's DEC 50/5

Maxon’s new module works with an operating voltage of up to 50 VDC, an output current of 5 A in continuous operation and its usage is flexible, versatile and highly efficient.

The amplifier offers:

  • A large number of inputs and outputs
  • Including enable
  • Speed ranges
  • Speed monitor
  • Direction of rotation presetting
  • Current limiting
  • Operating status etc.

It also offers comprehensive protection features. This means that overcurrent, undervoltage and overvoltage, thermal overload and short circuit are integrated to ensure that the controller can be used securely.

The all-in-one amplifier with an extremely high power density of 250 watt continuous output power at 12 cm2 (3 x 4 cm) may be seamlessly integrated into complex applications with minimum effort.  Maxon’s offers a comprehensive motherboard design guide for integration into OEM boards and a detailed evaluation board is made available for the initial start-up.

For more information on Maxon’s DEC 50/5 brushless motor controller, click on the link below:

Maxon’s DEC 50/5 Brushless Motor Controller

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