Tolomatic’s ACS Drive now Supports Modbus RTU and Pneumatic Mode

Tolomatic ACS ControllerACS Drive/Controller offers added flexibility

Tolomatic’s ACS drive now supports three different connectivity options: Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP, and Modbus RTU over RS-485. Specifically designed for actuator control, the ACS drive offers an easy-to-use software interface that automatically loads parameters for any Tolomatic actuator. These three connectivity options provide you with maximum motion control flexibility. You can create infinite positions and motion profiles, get automatic motion and diagnostics feedback information, and reduce your component costs by eliminating long runs of cables, wiring of discrete I/O and cabinet space.

In addition to offering 4, 8 or 16 indexed move commands and analog position mode, the ACS drive is now available with a pneumatic mode that mimics pneumatic valve operation with spring extend and retract and 2 or 3 positions. This mode will automatically home on power up and create moves immediately upon change of the state on the inputs, making replacement of pneumatic components easy and painless.

A winning combination of unbeatable performance

Combine the ACS drive together with our ERD electric cylinders and you get economical electric motion control with dependable Tolomatic performance.

For more information on the ACS drive, click on the link below:

Tolomatic’s ACS Drive

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