New Products Roundup from MicroE Systems

The last 12 months saw an exceptional number of innovative new position encoders from MicroE Systems, enabling OEM’s to achieve new levels of performance, compact size, more efficient manufacturing and even portability. New optical encoders are giving OEM’s these capabilities:

• Nanometer-level resolution in the smallest possible sensor
• Excellent short-range accuracy
• Nanometer-level resolution in high vacuum
• Tape scale that installs in one step, including index and limits
• Very cost-effective 0.5µm resolution optical encoders
• High speed with sub-micron / nanometer-level resolution
• Traceability per ISO 13485 for medical applications

New encoders introduced by MicroE Systems in 2011 and 2012 have all of these capabilities.

  Mercury II™ 6000
• Resolution up to 1.2nm
• Sensor only 8.2mm tall – the smallest encoder in the world with nanometer-level resolution
• Tape or high-accuracy glass scales
• Linear or rotary
  Mercury II™ Series
• Resolutions from 5µm to 1.2nm
• Cyclical error (short-range accuracy)
low as ± 20nm
• Tape or high-accuracy glass scales
• Linear or rotary

  Mercury II™ 6000V
• Resolution up to 1.2nm
• Sensor only 8.2mm tall
• Vacuum up to 10-8 torr
• Linear or rotary
  PurePrecision™ Marker Tape
• Laser-written index and limits are built-in for one-step tape scale installation
• Option for periodic index marks
• Up to 30m long
  Mercury™ 1500P
• Resolutions from 5µm to 0.5µm
• PC board mount, cost-effective
• Linear or rotary
  Mercury II™ 5800Si and Mercury II™ 6800Si
• Up to 10m/s at 1.2 nanometers of resolution
• High speed serial word interface
• Linear or rotary
  MicroE Systems’ traceable manufacturing per ISO 13485
• For medical applications requiring traceability
• Available serialized and traceable encoder systems

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