Powerful New Servo Drive From Kollmorgen Features 140Amp Peak @ 675VDC Output

The challenges faced by today’s mechanical and process engineers include an increasing demand for a broader range of products and services, higher productivity, as well as increased supply availability and reliability.

Kollmorgen's S700 Servo Drive Family

With its new S700 servo amplifier, Kollmorgen is now able to offer a product that is definitely up to these challenges. The S700, is a fully digital servo amplifier with extended functionality that is ideal for complex drive tasks.

In light of the fact that a growing number of engineers are moving towards Ethernet based communications such as EtherCAT and SynqNet, Kollmorgen has geared the S700 to the future by integrated an Ethernet connection into the new drive. The S700’s onboard interface means that customers no longer have to rely on additional expansion cards for this kind of compatibility.

The S700 is a fully digital servo amplifier that is ideal for complex drive tasks. Fast Feedback evaluation and best-in-class control circuits support high-performance application as well as standard applications. EtherCAT is onboard, full Safety Concept SIL2 or SIL 3 is optional. Multi-Feedback and Multi-Fieldbus connect this amplifier to nearly all motion components on the market. S700 helps you to minimize system costs and maximize productivity.

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Kollmorgen’s S700 Servo Amplifier Family

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