High Speed: 10m/s and High Resolution: 1.2 Nanometers from a Miniature Sensor

The new Mercury II™ 6800Si encoder from MicroE Systems achieves ground-breaking speed and resolutions, all with industry-leading small sensor size. The digital SPI-format serial output achieves high speed with high resolution, many times higher than A-quad-B encoders. Linear applications can be up to 10m/s at 1.2nm resolution, and rotary up to 8.2M CPR at 6,000 RPM. This remarkable performance is accomplished using serial word communications with the motion controller. The serial word includes 35 bits for position, 9 bits for status (index, limits, and signal alarms) and CRC error checking and is transmitted directly from the encoder to the controller’s DSP. Up to 227,000 position reads per second are possible, supporting the highest servo loop update rates.

MicroE Systems' Mercury II 6800Si Linear Encoder

The Mercury II 6800Si sensor is only 8.2mm high, weighs just 3 grams and provides output resolution of 1.2 nanometers. The small, high-performance encoder system will enable a broad range of new capabilities in compact motion control stages and positioners through a combination of accurate nanometer-level positioning, compact system design, and unprecedented affordability for this level of performance. Applications include microscopy, life sciences, semiconductor equipment, automated optical inspection, fiber optics manufacturing, nano-positioning, instrumentation, laser process equipment, metrology and many more.

Capable of linear and rotary applications, Mercury II 6000’s exceptional cyclical error (short-travel accuracy) of ±20 nanometers provides the precise nano-positioning feedback and smooth velocity control of encoders costing 2-3 times more. Long-travel accuracy of ±1µm is achieved using glass scales.

Rotary / angle encoding with resolutions up to 268M CPR is also a standard feature of the encoder. The same sensor works in both linear and rotary applications, reducing design time and unique parts count for applications with both linear and rotary requirements. A vacuum version of the sensor is available with rating to 10-8 torr, and bake out at 150°C for 48 hours. Integral index, limits, low signal alarm, and status LED’s enhance Mercury II 6800Si’s usefulness in many motion control applications. Use of a standard D-sub connector, in conjunction with the miniature sensor, minimize system footprint.

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