High Accuracy Brushless Servo Actuator by Harmonic Drive LLC

The RSF-14B brushless servo actuator from Harmonic Drive LLC achieves positioning accuracy better than 90 arc-sec and provides a maximum torque of 28Nm (245 in-lb), all in a package measuring just 50ø mm x 168.5 mm.

Harmonic Drive's RSF-14B DC Servo Actuator

The RSF-14B utilizes zero-backlash Harmonic Drive™ gearing and a high performance 24V brushless motor with a 1000 line encoder. Robust output shaft design with angular contact bearings allows the load to be directly mounted to the actuator.

Exceptional price performance makes the RSF-14B well suited for high volume OEM applications and it is compatible with servo drivers from wide range of manufacturers.

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link:   Harmonic Drive DC Servo Actuator Product Information

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