Kollmorgen’s AKD™ Servo Drive – Introducing Firmware Release 1.5 and Two New Product Variants!

The AKD product family now offers two additional network-based motion buses! These additional features make AKD even more flexible and capable of meeting a wider range of application needs.

Kollmorgen's AKD Family of Servo Drives
  • SynqNet® (AKD-Bxxxxx-NBSQ-0000) 
  • Ethernet/IP (AKD-Pxxxxx-NBEI-0000)


In addition to the new product variants, Release 1.5 offers more features to ensure AKD remains the leading servo drive in the marketplace. These newly added features are available for all product variants simply by upgrading to the new 1.5 version of Firmware and WorkBench. 

  • Full range customer definable IP address 
  • Wider operating range of 480Vac drives to work on 240Vac input 
  • Parameter file check from PLC to drive 
  • Upload/download of parameters from/to several drives using WorkBench consoleReference the 1.5 Release Notes for additional features and product improvements. Please update to WorkBench version or later when using this Firmware.


Effective Monday, October 17th all AKD drives shipped from the factory will have the new 1.5 Firmware and WorkBench release. Be sure to update your existing drives by going to the link below (and click on “Software / Firmware” tab) for the latest Firmware, WorkBench files, and release notes.



Kollmorgen provides specific Firmware files for each model variant. To upgrade a drive to the latest Firmware version, use the file that matches the model number of your drive. For example, a Base Analog drive with model number AKD-Bxxxxx-NAAN-0000 would use Firmware file AKD-B-NAAN-V01-05-00-000.i00.

Model variants are not software interchangeable. For example, an AKD CANopen® drive can not be changed to an AKD SynqNet® drive. Please contact Kollmorgen customer support to place an order for new model variants.

WorkBench is compatible with all previous AKD Firmware versions. WorkBench forward compatibility, however, cannot be ensured. When a behavior in the Firmware changes, an older WorkBench version may not function correctly with the new Firmware. Kollmorgen recommends that you update WorkBench when you install new Firmware.

For more information, please contact:      

Warren Osak       
Toll Free Phone:   877-737-8698  
Toll Free Fax:       877-737-8699

Click the link below for More Information:
link:  AKD product information

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