Precision Ground Ball Screws from Lintech

The GS series of ball screw assemblies are designed to maximize performance, while providing design flexibility. These assemblies utilize a precision ground ball screw with precision ground preloaded nuts. These steel ball screws are provided with precision-machined steel supports for end bearing housings.  Features include:

Lintech's Precision Ground Ball Screw Assembly
  • 4 Different Diameters 
  • 0.625 & 0.750 inch diameters 
  • 16 & 20 mm diameters 
  • Any Lengths from 0.001 inches to Maximum Screw Length 
  • Simple, Fixed, and Rigid Steel End Supports 
  • Preloaded and Non-Preloaded Nut Assemblies 
  • Numerous Nut Lead Options 
  • Motor Mount, Encoder, and Power-Off Brake Options 
  • Machined to Customer Drawings 

Information on Lintech’s Precision Ground Ball Screws can be viewed at the following webpage-
Lintech Precision Ground Ball Screw Product Information

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