Baumüller Introduce a New Generation of High Torque Servo Motors

More and more customers are asking for direct drive solutions instead of conventional motor-gearbox combinations. For this reason, Baumüller is introducing its new generation of DST torque motors at the Hanover Messe 2010. These synchronous motors offer a higher power density, in addition to a wider range of available speeds and torques.

Baumuller's High Torque DST Servo Motor Series

Today’s machine concepts face stringent requirements. In addition to increased productivity and availability and better energy efficiency, improvements in cost effectiveness over the machine’s entire life cycle are expected. However, these goals are not met in the case of maintenance-intensive gearboxes and low-efficiency standard motors or hydraulic systems.

Increased productivity and cost effectiveness

Baumüller’s new line of torque motors score with a significantly better power density and an extended range of speeds. In addition, the torque range of the existing product line has been significantly increased. Extension of the motor series to include a 400-size motor means that, for the first time, rated torques up to 20,000 Nm and maximum torques up to 32,000 Nm are possible. This not only opens up new application areas but also significantly increases productivity in existing applications. The new product line also requires less installation space, thereby reducing the contact surface for machines. Because torque motors have practically no residual torque, the customer can improve the smooth running characteristics and, thus, the quality of its products, thus achieving a significant competitive advantage. Last but not least, the improved price-to-performance ratio increases the cost-effectiveness for the customer.

Cost and energy efficiencies

Compared to conventional motor-gearbox combinations, direct drives can also improve cost and energy efficiency: the lack of wear-prone mechanical components in the drive significantly reduces friction losses in the system, thus improving the energy balance – a decisive factor in times of rising fuel prices. Moreover, the Baumüller DST motors exhibit very high efficiencies at the operating point. This enables an extremely efficient energy conversion since additional losses due to mechanical transmission elements are avoided. As a result, the efficient energy conversion is even greater when compared to conventional solutions.

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