World’s Smallest Linear Encoder features 1.2nm Resolution

MicroE Systems’ Miniature Encoders are Ideal for XY Microscope Stages, Sub-Micron and Nanometer Positioning Systems, Piezo-Motor Stages and Fine Control of Optics.

MicroE Mercury II 6000 Linear Encoder

See how MicroE Systems’ newest Mercury II™ encoders, with miniature sensors and resolutions up to 1.2nm, can upgrade your motion system!

Specifications Include:

• Linear resolutions from 5µm to 1.2nm

• Rotary resolutions up to 268M CPR

• Short-Range Accuracy up to ±20nm

• Long-Range Accuracy up to ±1ìm

• Vacuum models up to 10-8 torr


• Cut-to-length PurePrecision™ laser tape with stick-on index and limits

• Linear glass with stick-on index and limits; low expansion glass available

• Rotary scales

Key Features:

• Tiny sensors

• Wide setup tolerances

• User-programmable resolution

• Robust tolerance to scale contamination

• Lowest power consumption

• Software for encoder setup and data plots

Mercury II encoders enable compact system designs with a sensor as short as 8.7mm and tape scale only 6mm wide. Models include programmable interpolation up to x16384 – right in the sensor. Users benefit from digital or analog output from the sensor, especially a smaller footprint and a variety of connector options – including customer-specific connectors.

The small size, excellent operating performance, integrated interpolation electronics, low power consumption and ease of installation make Mercury II encoders perfect for a wide range of precision motion control and metrology applications. High speed applications are supported by new, faster A-quad-B output and serial word versions – up to 10m/s with 1.2nm resolution!

In addition to Mercury II encoders, MicroE Systems makes small-diameter rotary, low-cost PCB mount and vacuum-rated models, all RoHS compliant.

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