New ‘AZX’ series of embedded, extended environment servo drives designed to conquer the most demanding of applications!

ADVANCED Motion Controls, of Camarillo, CA, USA, announces the ‘AZX’ series of embedded, extended environment servo drives designed to conquer the most demanding of applications!

AMC's AZX Series

OEM’s have typically been challenged when attempting to implement motion control electronics exposed to extreme or harsh conditions. Well, not anymore! Available now are servo drives specifically made to handle outdoor, mobile and otherwise rugged environment applications. With extended temperature range, shock/vibration protection and overall increased robustness, the AZX series of embedded, plug-in modules are not only capable but powerful, compact and affordable solutions.

The AZX series servo drives can control brushed, brushless or voice coil motors under conditions where other products shudder to go. This is especially true since uncompromising reliability is paramount and costs critical to an OEM’s success. Check out these capabilities:


  • Heat sink temperature shutdown set at a blistering +115°C (239°F) 
  • Ambient operating temperatures from –40° to +85°C 
  • Full temperature range cycling under 2 minutes 
  • Shock up to 15g’s at 11 msec, ½ sine 
  • Vibration up to 30grms’s on all 3 axes 
  • Lightweight at only 95 grams (3.35 oz) 
  • 10 to 80 VDC input power range 
  • ~97% {max.} efficiency 

When precise control of motion is required in some of the most harshest of environments, the AZX’s capabilities can meet or exceed survivability requirements. Engineering design considerations made to military standards guarantee operations that set new motion control standards for extreme environments. Here’s a quick list of applications easily solved using AZX series:


  • altitude research platforms 
  • airborne vehicles 
  • ground-based fixed platforms 
  • transportable devices 
  • ground vehicles 
  • marine surface vessels 
  • submarine vessels 
  • remote tethered equipment 
  • and many, many more already proven successes 

Extreme or harsh environment motion control application solutions just got easier using ADVANCED Motion Controls’ servo drive solutions.

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