Sterilizable Brushless EC Size 5 & EC 13 Servo Motors

The new 50 Watt EC motor is based on the same design as the 30 Watt motor and uses identical components.  It is characterized by its high nominal speed and the extremely low-noise and low-vibration operation.  The motors are especially suitable for the use in electric powered, weight and size optimized surgical power tools. Special attention has been set on lowest possible heat generation.  The 50 Watt motor is 11 mm longer (total length 50 mm) and delivers 50% more torque. It may be applied where the smaller motor’s power is not sufficient.

Maxon's EC 5 50Watt Sterilizable Servo Motor

Maxon’s EC5 50 Watt Sterilizable Motor

For use in high speed medical applications up to 90 000 rpm, the motors are designed for use with or without specially matched sterlizable planetary gearheads. The motors are characterized by their high nominal speed, an extremely low noise and low-vibration operation, marginal thermal emission and small size.

Small, precise and incredibly fast. These motors are especially suitable for use in electric powered, weight and size optimized surgical power tools. The differentiating factors of the two motors are their outer dimensions. They are shaped for their respective geographic field of application – Size 5 (the industry’s customary term for ½ inch) for the American market, the metric 13 mm variant for the European and Asian part.

Adapted for medical technology applications, the EC 5 and EC 13 sterilizable brusless motors feature a compact design with very high nominal speed, quiet running, minimized thermal emission and sterilizability of typically 500 autoclave cycles. Both motors are available either equipped with Hall sensors or sensorless as well as with three different windings. The gearheads come in versions with one, two or three stages as well as with or without output end shaft sealing.

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