Robotic, Mechatronic, and Motion Control Solutions

Robotic, Mechatronic, and Motion Control Solutions

Electromate specializes in Motion Control, Robotic & Mechatronic Solutions for the Industrial Automation marketplace. We are respected as a premier source for High Performance Automation and Motion Control Solutions. Our core offerings include: 

Gearing Products
HMIs & Displays
Feedback Devices
Motion Controllers
Stepper Motors
Servo Motors
Servo Drives
Stepper Drives
Collaborative Robots

Our Core Purpose is to help Manufacturers compete globally by building better machines using differentiated automation technology. We support our customers with extensive product selection, just-in-time delivery, dedicated customer service, and technical engineering support.

Within this blog are 10+ years of great information to help you with your automation and motion control questions. It includes great stories and applications on AC & DC Servo/Stepper Motors & Drives, Motion & Automation Controllers, Positioning Systems & Actuators, Feedback Devices, Gearing Products and HMI’s & Operator Displays.

Make sure view our most recent posts and our product image galleries to learn as much as you can about motion control.

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